Patriot Athletic Teams Supporters 


The Liberty P.A.T.S was founded in August 2005 with the purpose of supporting the needs of the middle school Athletic programs at Liberty SchoolThanks to the donations, fundraising, and hard work of parents, faculty, alumni, local businesses, and countless others, we continue to help support the costs associated with all the Athletic and Band programs at Liberty School.  


Our organization now supports 9 programs including; football, Cheer, Baseball, Softball, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, and BandThe costs associated with maintenance of fields, uniforms, equipment, etc all must be covered by the teamsP.A.T.S. strives every year to help offset these costs as much as possible, but none of it can be accomplished without the support of Parents, Faculty, and the Community. 


We encourage anyone with children currently participating in middle school athletics, cheer, or band to consider joining P.A.T.S.  Even if you dont have kids currently in middle school and would like to get involved, we would love that as wellWe have monthly meetings.



Check Facebook for our group Liberty P.A.T.S for updates and events! 


Executive Board 

President - Chanda Ramirez         Vice President - Nicholas Reid 

Treasurer - Jennifer Gray               Secretary - Tina Smith 

Principal - Amy McCullough