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Notice of media publication: 


Photographs, video, and sound are a part of a school setting.  Any published media will serve to educate students, promote the school or system, spotlight activities and/or reward student work.  Published work may not be limited to, but will certainly include:  school newspapers or newsletters, agendas, system calendars, yearbooks, and/or school and system websites and social media.  Safety will always be at the forefront of anything published.  Care will be taken to exclude identifying student information in any published digital format.  A parent has the right to request removal of any published media involving a child, and the media will be removed promptly. 


If permission is not granted, please notify your child’s teacher, principal, and school staff by completing and submitting this No Photography form.  


District employees may release student information to the media only in accordance with applicable provisions of the education records law and Board policies governing directory information and personally identifiable information. 


Parents will be advised of this policy at the time of the student’s registration and each fall in the student/parent handbook. 

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