About Liberty

Liberty School serves students in grades Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.
Liberty School is a public school in rural Bedford County, TN. It was formed in 1977 combining schools from Flat Creek, Pleasant Grove, Shelbyville Mills and Wheel.
Nine administrators have led the school during its 43 years history:
  • 1977-1980  William Wayne Boyd
  • 1980-1989  Bernard Bydalek
  • 1989-1993  Frank Edwards
  • 1993-2001  Mike Bishop
  • 2001-February 2006  Bill Pietkiewicz
  • February 2006-2009  Tim Harwell
  • 2009-2014  Mike Novak
  • 2014- September 2018 Cort Huffman
  • September 2018-present Amy McCullough
In 1999, a new addition was built on and opened in the fall of 2000 adding new offices and classrooms. Liberty presently has 35 regular classrooms, along with music, art, band, speech, and ESL classrooms plus a gymnasium and a greenhouse.  Liberty currently has 50 teachers and three administrators.
The main office contains the offices of our principal, two assistant principals, nurse, bookkeeper and office of front line workers. The school counselor's office is in the library along with a speech class. An SRO is on staff full time at Liberty. We have a cafeteria that seats around 240 students and 8-10 ladies that serve the students with breakfast and lunch.
Liberty has added several sports since its beginning such as boys’ and girls’ basketball, football, boys’ and girls’ soccer, baseball, and softball. Liberty is also proud to have a cheer-leading squad.