COVID-19 Policy Update

For Non-Household contacts (those who have been quarantined for 14 days):

  • Option 1: The number of days has been reduced from 14 days to 10 days without testing provided that the contact does not have any symptoms. Students or Staff members may return on Day 11 provided that they wear a mask through Day 14 of the quarantine. (Per Tennessee Department of Health)
  • Option 2: In addition, those quarantined may return after Day 7 (returning to regular activities on Day 8) if the contact does not have symptoms and if they test negative by a PCR or antigen test collected after Day 5.  Again, masks must be worn through Day 14 per state guidelines. A copy of the negative test must be provided if returning on Day 8.
  • Option 3: Students may still quarantine the full 14 days if wearing a mask is not practical.

These guidelines are retroactive for students and staff who are currently quarantined. If a student has completed 10 days, they are able to come back immediately provided they follow the guidelines that are provided. Attached you will find the entire set of new guidelines from the Tennessee Department of Health. We have simply provided you a brief summary of the change in the number of days.