Personal Laptop Use

Dear Parents,

          Liberty School does not have enough devices for each student to have a laptop in class. We are working very hard this year on blending technology with instruction. We are encouraging parents to send laptops to school with students, if they feel comfortable doing so. The more students we have with laptops, the more we can use technology on a day-to-day basis while teaching and learning.

          The school cannot be responsible for the person laptops. However, we will encourage students to care for them properly and personal laptops will not be shared with other students. The laptops will not stay at school and will be brought back home each night. Please charge the computers each night and send the charger to school as a precaution.

          Thank you for considering the option of sending a laptop with your child beginning on Monday, September 14th.

          Additionally, any school-issued laptops need to be returned to school unless a student is a virtual student.


Mrs. McCullough

Mrs. Casson

Mr. Fanning